Argo 6x6 

rent it, test-drive it, buy it?

Argo 6x6


The Argo exists in 6x6 and 8x8 version.  


This amphibious vehicle is extremely manoeuvrable and therefore suitable for multiple purposes,

even on almost impassable  terrain.  


Not just as a fun vehicle (to rent in the Ardennes for example, such as quads)

but also for example hunting and fishing, forestry and discovery,

as an incentive or team building, ...








• Argo Frontier 580 6x6 
• Argo HD 650 6x6

• Argo Frontier 650 8x8 
• Argo Frontier EFI 8x8
• Argo Avenger 700 HD 8x8 
• Argo Avenger 750 HDI 8x8 
• Argo XTI 8x8 
• Argo XTD 8x8





Technical specifications  


Dimensions: H 116cm x W 147cm x 241cm L

Weight: 399 kg

Fuel: petrol 95

Tank: 27 liters (8 hours drive)

Tires: ARGO AT189 24 x 10.00-8NHS

Engine: Briggs & Stratton 694cc, four-stroke, 24HP

 Max. speed: 40 km / h on land, 5km / h on water

Control: gas, brakes, steering through the steering wheel (detailed info)




• trailer

• caterpillars


• kit with brake lights

• gun rack

• holder for outboard

• backseat

• winch

• ...


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