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E-bikes are gaining popularity these days.

With an electrical bike, it seems as if you're constantly biking with the wind in your back, which is more comfortable.

These bikes are not only popular with elder people who are less mobile, or want some extra power. 

More and more young people buy these e-bikes too, to travel to work faster and easier. 

On top of that, it's good for the environment and for the traffic.  



The right choice 


To be well informed and to make the right choice when buying an e-bike, here's some useful information:

There are three different types of bikes, and they all have different regulations you have to keep in mind.

Such as a drivers license, insurance, license plate, your security (helmet),...



bike with a help-engine (≤ 250 W and ≤ 25 km/h)

only helps when you actually paddle, and has no 

COC (certificate of conformity).




motorised bike (≤ 1000 W and ≤ 25 km/h)

always helps you too, but can have an engine that works without actually paddling.





speed pedelec (≤ 4000 W and ≤ 45 km/h)

is a fast electric bike where the engine doesn't stop at 25 kilometers an hour. 

You can actually reach a speed of  45 kilometers an hour.

Speed pedelecs thus aren't considered as  bike but as an actual motorcycle!



The electric bicycle 120% tax deductible  


The government encourages the use of bicycles for commuting, so employers can enjoy 120% tax deduction.

Moreover, not only the bike, but also the entire infrastructure (Bicycle racks, changing rooms ...) is 120% deductible.


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