6 wheels, 8 wheels or caterpillars

Our off-road vehicles




Off-road vehicles are basically NOT intended for use on public roads.

Basicly only on private property.  


Some vehicles may, however, be approved, if they meet certain conditions.  

These are mainly related to the safety of yourself and other road users.  


Both the DTV Shredder (Dual Tracked Vehicle) as the Argo 6x6 can be tested

here, on private property, on a specially constructed track.  


The TLT board is a bit of an outsider and is waiting for you to discover it.






200cc - 15 pk - 50 km/U

The DTV (Dual Tracked Vehicle) Shredder

seems like a combination of a tank, a skateboard and a jet ski.  


You accelerate with a lever, just like on a quad.

Steering is done by using your weight.  


Fun ensured, in all areas and on every soil.


6x6 ARGO

6x6 ARGO

650cc - 23 pk - 39 km/u

The Argo 6x6 is an amphibious vehicle.

It will get you over (almost) any obstacle,

and can also sail.  


Very enjoyable, but also a real workhorse for rough terrain, ideal also for hunters, foresters, ...  


Also available in 8x8 version.

Off road driving is exciting and fun,

something for daredevils and adrenaline junkies.  


To make sure it stays fun, we always take the necessary safety precautions.  

On the Shredder, a helmet is REQUIRED.

(You'll get one on loan here, for free.)  


We also explicitly ask not to consume any alcohol before or during the test drive.  


The guidelines of the supervisor (s) must be respected, as well as the material and the course.



1000W - 35 km/U

The TLT board is a recently patented invention from Israel.  


It comes with an electric motor, but also with a 200cc combustion engine.


The electric version has a speed of almost

40km / h, but you can not drive it on public roads.


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