What to expect at Crazy Wheels?


     test-drive - rent - buy




At Crazy Wheels you will only find unconventional vehicles.  


Some of which you'll never have heard of, most of them you haven't even seen.  


That's why we want to offer you the opportunity to test-drive all these devices.


It's possible on our private course, laid out in a meadow of one hectare.  


E-bikes can be tried on a bike path:   


NOT along the busy road, but in the middle of the fields.  


We welcome you BY  APPOINTMENT ONLY: that way you get our full personal attention,  


and you can ask all you want and try it all under our guidance.

•2•  RENT


We offer several options:  


You can come in groups, and pass the course with eg the Shredder, monitored by our staff.  


We have a sort of relay race, in which the times are recorded.  


You can also, individually or in groups, rent e-bikes to test them thoroughly.


This is also ideal as an incentive, team building, bachelor party or something similar.  


Do you have an idea, let us know for sure!  


If desired, our barbecue can be lit, or we reserve you a place in a cozy restaurant in the neighborhood.

•3•  BUY


Did you find what you were looking for?


Was it love at first sight, or was it a tough call?  


All vehicles we use, are demo units and will NOT be sold.  


If you want to buy an e-bike, Shredder, or Argo,  

you must take into account there's a delivery time of about one week!  


All appliances can be picked up here, or delivered to you.  


They are fully assembled, ready for use, and equipped with all necessary documents.  


Each appliance comes with a warranty of least one year.


Crazy Wheels