Shredder DTV


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Shredder DTV



The DTV Shredder is a new generation of off-road vehicles.  

It combines the best features of traditional board sports with the brute force of motocross or ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles).


The special transmission system converts the movement of the driver in smooth cornering,

quite comparable with the freedom experienced by snowboarders as they slide down a mountain.


The DTV Shredder can be used throughout the year in all areas such as grass, sand, mud, snow and even rocky soil.




• DTV Shredder


• DTV Shredder Trail Edition (with bull bar at the front)


• DTV Nitro

This is a prototype Shredder with 48HP,

but it's not available on the market.

Runs nearly 90 km / h.  

It was only used by a stunt team,

to carry out a successful backflip.





Technical specifications


Dimensions (closed): 106cm x 58cm x 66cm Dimensions open: 106cm x 120cm x 66cm

Weight: 124 kg

Fuel: petrol 95

Tank: 4 liters

Tracks: rubber

Engine: 196cc, four-stroke, 15HP

Max. speed: 48 km / h

Controls: via board with feet

(steer serves only to accelerate and to brake)



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