TLT board

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TLT board



The TLT board (pronounced as  "tilt board") looks like a skateboard cut in half.

It has three wheels, of which the rear one contains the electrically driven motor.  


Steering is done by balancing on the board, while the throttle and brake are on the handle.


The TLT board is relatively fast (about 35 km / h), but that does take some practice ...  


Actually, it's a bit like bicycle: once you get a little speed, it works by itself.




TLT Cruiser

The original: This model is suitable for most drivers and can drive different areas to.


TLT City

This model is lighter, smaller and more agile. Perfect for the city.




Technical specifications



Dimensions: H 35cm x W 55cm x D 95cm

Weight: 18 or 19 kg

Batteries: 2 x 24V 10Ah or 2x 24V 16Ah

Range: 15 to 25 km

Engine: in the wheel

Max. speed: 35 km / h

Controls: gas and brake at the steer,

turning with your feet



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